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“I was constantly sick, no energy, addicted to sugar and several medications. Now I feel invigorated and healthy.”
Cindy S. , Provo, Utah
“My digestion has improved and my acid reflux has not returned. I’ve lost 20+ lbs. and have not gained any of the weight back since introducing high carb foods back into my diet.”
Brian Ellis, Provo, UT
“No more debilitating stomachaches and I’m more able to tolerate those previously intolerable foods, especially gluten and wheat.”
M. Brown, Provo, UT
“This cleanse has not only healed my bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, but also helped me lose fifteen pounds, sleep better and have more energy for my family and for exercise.”
Amy G. , Provo Utah
“I would recommend this to anyone with any kind of an allergy. It’s fantastic!”
Bryan Lemke, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
“After five days on Body Balance Liquid, my baby’s eczema was completely gone, and it happened in spite of him getting some form of wheat every day.”
J. F., Bend, Oregon
”I have not had a migraine since. We’re talking seven months of no migraines when I was getting a couple a week. How amazing is that?”
Ann E. , Bend OR
“I used to be tired, brain-fogged and extremely sore from just an hour of mild work. Not only are those problems gone, but I no longer have problems with popping my back out. I can be active all day and still function normally the next.”
Derik W., Logan, UT
“I’ve had fibromyalgia for 20 years. In just four short weeks I am off of estrogen and my thyroid medication because I no longer need them. Thank you for identifying this missing diagnosis.”
Janet Dahl, Highland, Utah

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