What’s for dinner?

What’s for dinner?- The power of meal planning

Include a plug for Jacque…I resisted, she persisted. Thank you!

Powerful food

I’ve recently had a rebirth of investment in preparing food. It’s estimated that a mother in an average size family will prepare 20,000 meals before her children leave home. And I just was feeling burdened by having to pull off a project and go down and make dinner for the 30,000th time. At night my kids would ask, Mom, what’s for breakfast? Or after school, “What’s for dinner” and while for years I could whip off what we were having, now I honestly still did not know what we were having for dinner at 4pm.

I have learned anew just how deep a form of nurture food is to my people. Once I became convinced this was more than getting calories in them, I had a serious adventure with it. Interviews, Combing through my cookbook, and mapped out 8 weeks of what we’re having everyday. Every Sunday night a new weekly meal plan comes out and I’m spending NO more energy on what we’re having for dinner. I totally resisted this idea cause I thought I’d feel hemmed in by my plan, but not so! I am so much more FREE.

My creative energy is not used up each day with “what’s for dinner?” And the chart on the fridge lets kids know, “Your basic need to eat well is a priority to me.”


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