Tips for Traveling with Kids

Check out our 3 quick tips for traveling with kids this season.

Admit it. There’s this fantasy associated with family vacations…that the week will be one long blissful thread of sunny days, children cheerfully playing together, smooth roads, short lines, and mechanical details that work like a charm.

But how fun is that to remember later on?

Looking back on our last Spring Break…

We’ll remember the unexpected freeze,

Being stranded on the 101 without a battery,

Our condo creaking at night as it gradually slid downhill to the sea,

AND going out to dinner twice one night when everyone under 17 refused to eat fresh seafood at the local hotspot

…where only seafood is served.

Pardon me. Are these my children???

tips for traveling with kids

Seafood for the discerning palate…

I’m wiser now. So topping my list of quick tips for traveling with kids is…

Tip #1 – Embrace the unexpected.

Whatever it is, love it! You’ll age more gracefully, collect fewer frown lines and laugh at least twice about each ‘off-script’ surprise.

Tip #2 – Keep the snacks savory instead of sweet.

Motions sickness plagues nearly every family road trip where roads get windy, or elevations change significantly. Keeping on board snacks salty or savory instead of sugary and sweet will reduce nausea for your passengers. In fact, a deeper strategy is to avoid sugary foods for all passengers 24 hours before you leave. Everyone travels better when they feel well. This we know from decades of experience on the road. (yeah, remember those gas station Peach Rings Joss? Never…ever again.)
Stop us at any point along our trip and we’ll have carrot sticks, mini bell peppers, fresh apple slices, nut mixes or chips and hummus for travel food. In fact we do a quick security check before takeoff to see that any sugary items are stashed in checked baggage only.  It’s better for the upholstery too. For additional low sugar Kids snacks for trip time or anytime, checkout all our favorites in The Feel Good Cookbook: Whole Foods and Allergyfree Recipes.

Tip #3 – Exodus.  Don’t leave home without it.

Over thirty years of family travel, we’ve packed pretty light at times, but NEVER without Exodus. This apple cinnamon fiber drink is unbeatable at soaking up nausea, relieving constipation or stomachaches AND mopping up high carb vacation foods we might not otherwise eat. Take along a mini waterbottle or lidded tupperware and Exodus and you’ll be prepared for any gastric emergency.  If you’re curious about our families magical people paste, check it out here.  Exodus…your bowels NEW best friend. 

Wherever you go to recreate family bonding or to get away from it all this season, we hope your Spring Break is easy and breezy!
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 Tips for Traveling with Kids