Colds and Flu in Bracknell, England

Body Balance – I won’t be without it

I’m glad to always have a supply of your products on hand. I have been taking Body Balance along with Probiotic Blend and haven’t had any colds and flu’s this whole semester (12 weeks + summer holidays 18 weeks). That is absolutely unheard of, especially while all the children and adults I work with, have all had them!

D.LBracknell, England
Endometriosis, Pain, Depression

I was diagnosed with endometriosis (irregular cell growth that’s also a precursor to female cancers) in 2006 and struggled with chronic abdominal pain since 2005 . I’ve had chronic vaginal yeast infection since 2009. I’ve battled deep depression on a regular basis. In 2013 I did the 30 day Reboot which started me on the road to healing. Now in 2015 I don’t have the chronic pain, I experience depression only occasionally and I can manage my wellbeing with Body Balance capsules and Probiotic Blend. I take Exodus every evening and feel like what it does for my bowel frees me of pain and the depression pain brings. I feel grateful for your products that help me to experience life as a healthy, happy individual. They are a key part of my health and well being!

Michelle Smyth,  Goodyear AZ

Michelle SmythGoodyear, AZ