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I highly recommend The Feel Good Cookbook to anyone that wants to reduce/or eliminate the high sugar intake in their eating. I have begun using Jonell Francis’ healthy recipes and I am pleased with them and the results. Well worth the money!   Margie  Atlanta, GA    


well worth the money!

MargieAtlanta, GA

Young wife and mother Megan tells why she never wants to be without Exodus Prebiotic Sponge for her family. Soaks up headaches for instant relief…while nourishing your bowel and microbiome.

“Hi, my name’s Megan Henderson.  When I was in my teenage years I used to get some pretty bad headaches, migraines very often. And luckily I had a wonderful mother who introduced me to Exodus in the early days. And I was able to find relief, in taking that and it would instantaneously lift the headache and I think to clear it eventually.  I tried getting more sleep, but I found Exodus was the best and most natural way to relieve those migraines.

I’ve been using Feel Good Foods products for a long time.  And I don’t like when the bottom of the Exodus can is showing because that means we’re almost out.  And if we feel sick or have a headache or something, if it’s not on hand…I mean it’s just frustrating.  We like having it.  It’s kind of a staple simple remedy to help relieve pain.  Like I said, it’s pretty instantaneous relief and we are so grateful for it.”


Megan HendersonUtah Valley, Utah

After over 2 years on Accutane for acne, Sydney experienced severe bloating, fatigue, brainfog, anxiety, depression, sleep problems and stubborn weight gain. She shares how it feels to finally find hope and healing for her whole body with Reboot from

“Hello everyone, I’m Sydney Larsen. So, around 2 years ago I noticed that I just did not feel good.  I just didn’t feel like myself.  I was constantly bloated, fatigued.  I had brainfog, anxiety and depression. And I had weight gain, couldn’t lose weight no matter what I did.  And so, I went to a Naturopath and ended up paying around $4K. I worked with him for about 6 months and I had some days where I felt a little better, but for the most part I just felt hopeless because I just did not feel good.

Then I came across the Reboot Protocol and I’m so grateful for it because within about I wanna say a week or two weeks I noticed I felt just a little better and that gave me hope to keep going and continue healing.

Just a little background. I was on acne antibiotics for 2 and a half years and that really played a role in my gut health.

And Jonell is awesome. So if you don’t feel good and you want to find relief from your symptoms or your daily bloating or just not feeling good.  Just knowing that you can feel better I so recommend working with her.  And I so recommend the Reboot Protocol, because I have HOPE of feeling good again. I thought I was stuck feeling that way for the rest of my life.  So yeah.

I hope this helps anyone out there. It’s possible to heal. The body is amazing.  Meditate, connect to yourself. Connect to your spiritual self. There’s some things I’ve done that have helped tremendously.”


Sydney LarsenWashington Utah

Just spent 2 hrs going over your cookbook. Wonderful stuff! I told my sister about our family’s experiences with Exodus and my impressions while reading your Feel Good Cookbook. She’s very interested and will be contacting you for a consultation. Sorry for the late email but this new discovery has me feeling wide awake and energized!

Michelle      Bend, OR


Energized in Oregon

MichelleBend, OR

I was recently handed your great cookbook by my sweet grandson Mason and I immediately fell in love with it. I asked if I could borrow it and took it home for a week. My daughters are in love with it too. I have been aware of and tried to live by the tenants you offer so comprehensively in your book for many years. It is time for me to return this great cookbook/health reference book but I am finding it hard to let it go. So, I am writing to request a copy for my own kitchen.

Desdra Dawning   Phoenix, AZ


We love The Feel Good Cookbook

Desdra DawningPhoenix, AZ

I wanted to tell you how much I am loving your cookbook. Having battled systemic yeast and then recovering from it all, I can tell you that you have done a fantastic job and are RIGHT ON! It felt so good to have someone else echo my experiences and have such beautiful solutions and recipes. The kids favorite salad? My picky 8 year old said “mom this is my favorite food ever!!!”. Anyways, if you get a flood of orders from Las Vegas, Idaho, California or Wyoming, you will know why. I just wanted to thank you. I so wanted to go to your class at the LDS Natural Living Conference, but it was too full. You have such a beautiful energy about you, and I truly just wanted to sit and chat. Thank you for fulfilling your mission and blessing others! I hope we can meet sometime in person. Thanks JONELL!

Jonelle Hughes - UT


We just made the Magelby Muffins from The Feel Good Cookbook. Heavenly! What a treat! For lunch the kids helped me prepare the “Kid’s Favorite Salad” (fresh cauliflower, broccoli and peas) and slammed it down. I had to take the serving bowl away so we could have leftovers for tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge with us! Our family is excited to cook our way through your book. It’s already a favorite. Two thumbs way up!                              

                                          Annika in Oregon


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Feel Good Cookbook wns again

Feel Good Cookbook wins again

Jonell has presented, in a nutshell, her research into the hidden epidemic, systemic candida with all it’s “minions”. Her approach makes it easy for anyone to understand what is happening in their bodies when candida takes over. She has also given us a path to follow to recognize it and lick it. Anyone following her specific advice will be on the road to recovery. Learning that all our symptoms are not just “in our heads” is a great relief to many who suffer with a myriad of ailments associated with this overgrowth. A heartfelt thanks goes to her for such wonderful and specific advice and for a “tasty” way to restored health. M. Nielsen

Heartfelt thanks for a "tasty" way to restored health

Hi, this is Jacque Sorenson, happy to tell you about my experience with Exodus GI Sponge from My Feel Good Foods. I started using it because I’d eaten something that didn’t agree with me. It made me quite sick.  And I actually have been on a regimen for a few months using the Exodus and I have been really surprised at the results.

I have had a tickly cough for a LONG time, years and years.  And this is the first time in that time that I have NOT had this constant tickle in my throat.  And I am thrilled about that.  I also have noticed a really big change in my skin. It’s like it’s renewing all of a sudden much better than it had been before.  I didn’t anticipate those kinds of things to happen by just taking the Exodus.  It’s a really simple product.  It has very simple and natural ingredients and it’s so gentle, but it is so effective.  Better than anything else that I’m aware of. So, I would highly recommend using the GI Sponge if:

  • you’re trying to lose weight.
  • you’re dealing with really difficult emotions that you’re trying to get past.
  • you’ve eaten something that didn’t agree with you
  • you have any kind of lingering health challenge.

Because we know that our really vibrant health begins in a really healthy gut.

Hope you’ll try it!


How Exodus Healed My Ages Old Cough (and So Much More)

Feel Good Cookbook wins again

We just made the Magelby Muffins from The Feel Good Cookbook. Heavenly! What a treat! For lunch the kids helped me prepare the “Kid’s Favorite Salad” (fresh cauliflower, broccoli and peas) and slammed it down. I had to take the serving bowl away so we could have leftovers for tomorrow. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your talents and knowledge with us! Our family is excited to cook our way through your book. It’s already a favorite. Two thumbs way up!                              

                                          Annika in Oregon

Feel Good Cookbook wins again

Annika in Oregon

Jesus Alvarado shares how focusing on healing his gut with the Reboot Protocol from relieved decades of chronic lower back pain, sciatica pain, eczema, and stubborn weight gain. See what this simple, proven, plant based system can do for your gut linked pain and inflammation! Get the Kit.

“Hi, my name is Jesus Alvarado and I want to tell you the symptoms I was going through.  I had pains on my shoulder.  I had eczema.  I had pain in my back which led to my sciatica.  I had swollen knees and high blood pressure.

Nothing seemed to help.  I went to doctors, nothing.  Pills, nothing.  I had a steroids, nothing.  I even tried a Tens machine. Nothing seemed to help until my wife told me about the 30 Day Reboot program.  I got on the program and I was on it for about 2-3 days when all those symptoms started going away.

I had no more back aches. No more sciatica, No more swelling knees. No more high blood pressure.  No more eczema. Everything was relieved.

The good thing is, when you couple to program with eating right, you lose weight. I’ve lost 25 pounds already and everything seems to be working right for me.

For those who are watching the video and you’re going through the same situation and you want relief,  I recommend the 30 Day Reboot program to you.

Thank you Jonell. Your 30 Day Reboot program has worked wonderfully for me.  Thank you.”

Jesus AlvaradoYonkers, New York