Supplements For Celiac

My experience with the Reboot program was quite a surprise to me. Last summer I was diagnosed with celiac. I was hesitant to jump into this program, because I didn’t know you could do anything about celiac disease but stay away from gluten. After a few short weeks I was able to recognize a significant difference. Before the program I felt like my stomach was sensitive to almost anything I ate (gluten-free or not), within a few weeks of taking Reboot my stomach was bothering me much less and on fewer occasions. For example, I reached the point where I hardly noticed after having taken the sacrament bread at my church service each Sunday. Beyond that, I just felt an overall improvement in how my stomach reacted to food in general. And when I did eat something that bothered me, taking a little bit of Exodus GI Sponge provided relief and did a good job of cleaning up my system.            Spencer C. – Fruit Heights, UT


Supplements For Celiac
Spencer Clegg, Fruit Heights Utah

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