You are an angel. I can’t seem to keep your cookbook in my hands. My mother sent it to me and I went on the anti-candida diet the week before November. I have never felt better. I, like you, have eight kids and was wasting away to nothing. I am 5′ 8″ and was down to 115 lb. We don’t have the means to head off to the doctor so when my mom sent me this book, I felt it was an answer to a prayer. I was able to gain weight and my hair started shining again. I have burned through a blender and a juicer in this time, but we are all feeling great. My 16-year old son is almost acne free and my one-year old, who has cried every day of her life and had a snotty nose for the past 4 months since I weaned her, is happy and breathing through her nose. She drinks diluted coconut milk like it is going out of style. She too is putting on weight. My 14-year old daughter said that these pancakes are the secret to good basketball, and I believe the tapioca is a sweet secret. Thank you so much. Your efforts have not been wasted.

Marnie Peterson - Copper Canyon TX

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