Fix My Gut, Tropical Diseases

After being treated with erythromyacin for several weeks to combat cambio-bactor infection and dengi fever after a trip to China, our son’s health just did not return to 100%. He began having strange symptoms like dizziness, fatigue, pounding or racing heartrate and bowel problems like constipation alternating with diarrhea. After 3 weeks in the missionary training center he came home on medical leave, ready to do anything necessary to get back out there and serve a mission. After 3 days on Reboot he’s seeing improvement as far as less dizzy. He feels better each day and says he’s ready to make Jonell his new doctor. Within a week the pounding heart symptom was also gone. Exodus seems to be making things more regular. And he can feel the Body Balance at work. He’s ready to turn in his Prilosec that he bought at Walmart before we started doing this, in exchange for more Reboot. He’s taking Glutamine with Body Balance morning and night. We’re gratefully encouraged and still working on making healthy meals. I’m doing it with him and it has helped a hip problem that I’ve had.                M. Hatch – Lindon UT


Fix My Gut, Tropical Diseases
MaryAnne Hatch, Lindon UT

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