I completed a month of Reboot and I feel great! Before I began I was having serious headaches, problems with sleeping, and ongoing food cravings for fatty and sugar laden foods. I started the GI cleanse and within the first three days my food cravings were gone. I found within the first week of the Body Balance pills and Glutamine my headaches had gone. I avoided gluten, dairy and sugar throughout but still ate small portions of rice and quinoa. Now that I have finished I am sleeping great, my headaches are gone, and I’m eating healthy and not dealing with food cravings. I’m noticing I’m not as tired and I have more energy! A side bonus was that  I lost 5 pounds in three weeks. Thank you for this wonderful cleanse. It has helped me so much! 

Krista Hasler, Boise ID


Headaches, Sleeplessness and Fatigue
Krista HaslerBoise, ID

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