Fix My Gut

I used the Reboot system during my stay in tropical Fortaleza, Brazil. I’d been warned about the quality of water and food I’d be consuming and several times I felt symptoms of intestinal bugs, but Reboot kicked it out, almost always in less than a day. A few of my friends, after seeing my results began using it too. Exodus is an apple cinnamon fiber drink that you mix with juice or water. It tastes a little gritty – but it sure beats feeling sick. And it soon became more valuable than gold, because a couple of us were using it then and I did NOT want to run out. I used 2 complete 30 day Reboot kits and a third tub of Exodus over 24 months. And I never had a flat out sick day. In fact I gained 6 pounds out there. –   Tanner F. Fortaleza, Brazil


Fix My Gut
Fix My Gut, Tropical Diseases

Reboot Starter Kit

Reinvent your health with a 30 day supply of nutrients, cleansing herbs and building blocks to refresh all your mucous membranes. Includes whole foods, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free recipes from the Feel Good Cookbook.

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