I have a few friends who cook like you (bursting with flavor, healthy food) and for the last two years I have wished they could teach me all they know. I don’t need to wish any longer because I have your cookbook and it is exactly what I have been longing for! Everything I have made so far is delicious. I just can’t say enough good about your cookbook! Thank you! Thank you! A friend let me look at hers because she thinks I have yeast issues from the hormones I have been on since my hysterectomy. The blessing from all of this is that I also have a daughter with high functioning autism and a mother with MS. So I plan on helping my mom and daughter to feel better as well. Thanks for all of your research and time to put this valuable information into print. Tomorrow I can’t wait to try cooking cereal in my rice cooker. Great ideas!!

ShaRee Yorgesen    Seattle, WA

ShaRee YorgesenSeattle, WA