I have been a long-time admirer of Jonell, her Feel Good Cookbook and her products. It’s like she has uncovered the “common cold” of the immune system by revealing details on yeast overgrowth and the gut. Jonell, I don’t know if you read these but I just want to say THANK YOU for helping my family. The Feel Good Cookbook is my most-used kitchen reference, and everything is just so delicious and satisfying. I know before I make things that they will turn out well! The tools and food prep principles it has given me for modifying other recipes are invaluable! Now I know how to make a cream-based soup without cream…the tuna over toast recipe gets used a LOT and so do the stroganoff, muesli, pumpkin bread, toffeed nuts, chicken khurma, Cafe Rio-inspired recipes, and the tincture and Exodus, too. I LOVE your healing philosophies and family culture. When I read your book, I want that culture to rub off onto me. So my boys and husband and I frequently have conversations about how their bowel movements are going, and I believe they are starting to see the connection between health and gut! I just hope they take the education and run with it when they have families of their own. A hardback or digital copy of your cookbook with search options would be great–I am sure you have already thought of that, though. 🙂

Elaine, Salt Lake City, UT

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