I was approaching sixty years old and for the last couple of years, I had been experiencing high blood pressure or Stage 1 hypertension. I tried many natural remedies which had little or no effect on reducing my blood pressure. Running two or three miles per day did not seem to lessen the problem either. I became frustrated with the lack of results from exercise and the natural remedies I tried. I really didn’t want to start on prescription medications. After listening to Jonell Francis speak one evening, I tried Reboot for 30 days to try to eliminate an ongoing fungus problem. I was pleasantly surprised to find that my blood pressure decreased to within the normal range and I began feeling much better. I also notice that my blood pressure will slowly increase if I go for long periods without taking Body Balance capsules. Today, I typically use Body Balance twice or three times per week as it keeps my blood pressure in a good place.

CB   Roy, UT


Hypertension relieved.

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