You will be THRILLED to know that I am no longer using my steroid inhaler for my asthma (no longer needed), AND… Drumroll, please… I have successfully weaned myself off of my antidepressant (with Dr. approval ;). It’s been 10 years. And I’m off of them. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!! SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!!

My gut feels like it’s glowing on the inside and I feel love for my gut. I never even paid attention to it before and now it’s almost like its this living, breathing part of me that I was missing all along! I LOVE IT!!!

THANK YOU for everything you have done over the years and in recent times to facilitate my coming to this freedom in my life. I will forever love you and be grateful for your influence in my life!

A.W.   Riverton, UT


Asthma and Depression
AWRiverton, UT

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