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Partner Physicians and Clinicians

As a healthcare professional, you face real patient challenges every day.

Whether it is researching new and innovative products, working with patients to maximize therapy compliance, understanding the latest ongoing clinical trials, or transitioning patients from one treatment to another, our unique range of natural whole food based solutions are specifically designed to help you help your patients feel better faster.

Our RebootTM Protocol provides a comprehensive 5 pronged approach to safely and effectively restore stressed mucous membranes responsible for digestive dysfunction, headaches, dizziness, brainfog, environmental and food allergies, inflammation of the reproductive, respiratory and urinary tracts, joint pain and fatigue. Transform patient outcomes for autoimmune disease by employing technologies that address the underlying causes.

Our 30 Day Reboot Protocol is the result of 20 years of research, development and product testing to ensure the simplest, safest, most direct means of restoring integrity to the front line of defense against disease… the mucous membranes of the body. Learn more about becoming a Reboot Protocol Provider and get started today.

I tried the Reboot Protocol and followed the recommended diet and in under three months I was able to successfully wean off two medications I’d been using daily for years, including a steroid inhaler and an antidepressant.
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Amy Woody, MSN, APRN, NP-C
I am very happy with the results and appreciate having this new protocol for treating inflamed mucous membranes and… sinus congestion…”
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Andrea Merrill, RN
My fasting blood sugar before the cleanse was 109 and 148 postprandial. Now, it’s between 73 and 90. My blood sugar looks much better and that’s a miracle…”
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Jennifer Nye, RN

*All products are manufactured in our FDA compliant facility with on site lab to assure product efficacy, safety and purity both before and after the manufacturing process.