Help Us Introduce Your Daughter for New Beginnings2018-01-31T19:25:35+00:00

We need your help to introduce your new Beehive at New Beginnings!

The beehives will be introducing our Incoming 2018 Beehives for New Beginnings this year. We would love your help getting to know her.

Our theme is “Follow the Yellow Brick Road Home”. Would you please write a short paragraph about your daughter telling us one way she has demonstrated acquiring Heart (like the TinMan), Might/Courage (like the Lion) or Mind (like the Scarecrow).

Here are some examples: Heart – tell of an act of Love, tenderheartedness, or service. Courage/Might – tell of a fear she’s working on or has overcome. Mind – tell of her creativity, level headed thinking or just plain “smarts”.

Finish your paragraph with something fun or quirky about your daughter that we may never otherwise learn about her (a rare hidden talent, a pet peeve or something that really makes her happy.)

Your paragraph should take no more than about a minute to 90 seconds to read.

Will you please respond by Feb. 5th, Monday night?

Thank you sooo much! New Beginnings is going to be awesome and we look forward to your daughter joining us in Young Women soon.


Sage Hollow Beehives