Eczema Cause and Remedy

Eczema Cause and Remedy

BEGIN with explanation of what eczema is and an image of what it looks like…


I had several babies with eczema that I smeared cortisone cream on and then carefully washed my hands to get the medication off of me. My pediatricians had no idea what was up, they just told me to only apply cortisone when my baby’s skin irritation was severe.

Was it diary products? Was it chemical sensitivity? Was it gluten? Crabby babies that don’t sleep, make sleepless nights for mom too. The one redeeming thing about going through hell is coming out on the other side with greater wisdom and understanding.

Once you understand the underlying root cause of eczema, it’s not so overwhelming to heal it. Until then it can be super frustrating chasing after potential triggers, trying topical treatments and hoping it will be enough to relieve your discomfort. The reason topical treatments don’t permanently heal eczema is because the root cause lies in the gut.


Eczema is an autoimmune condition linked with a leaky gut (called Leaky Gut Syndrome). When semipermeable mucous membranes in your body like your gut, respiratory tract, or skin become too permeable, you get benign substances like partially digested foods making their way into the bloodstream and wreaking havoc with your immune system. Or you get pet dander or pollen reaching your bloodstream where they don’t belong. The result is irritation and inflammation in the bowel, upper respiratory tract, in the joints or just under the skin.

Asthma, eczema, joint pain and stomachaches tend to run together as they are all expressions of this increased permeability in the body.

Triggers for eczema are usually eating concentrated sugary foods, dairy products and wheat (gluten). But corn and soy can also be triggers, as can wearing synthetic fabrics, perfumes and dyes.


The way to quickly and naturally heal eczema is to restore proper permeability to your bowel, respiratory tract, joints and skin. And it’s easier than you think!

I’ve dialed in a simple 5 step protocol for getting it done that partner physicians, MDs, NDs and DOs and natural health practioners are sharing with their clients to quickly and permanently heal this and other autoimmune conditions. These 5 steps are explained in the honeycomb graphic on the HOME page of our website, at


For children eczema clears in about 2 weeks, for adults within 30 days. You can also search Eczema on our Testimonials tab, or watch 1 minute video testimonials on our Youtube channel, My Feel Good Foods.

Here’s Joshua from Australia, on how quickly he’s recovered from Eczema, Asthma and Stomachaches.

I hope you find this helpful.

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Eczema Cause and Remedy

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