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Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels

How Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels Q&A:  I've had symptoms of pounding heart, fatigue and low testosterone for about a year after a strong course of antibiotics. After a parasite test, we detected Blasto and [...]

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What Causes Food Allergies (and why they rise)

What Causes Food Allergies Everyone knows someone with food allergies.  Today social gatherings involving food require special attention to nuts, eggs, cow milk, wheat, shellfish, corn and soy. And the consequences for negligence range from debilitating to [...]

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Microbiome Brain Control

Microbiome Manipulates Host A TEDtalk by microbiologist Bonnie Bassler describes the symbiotic relationship between the Australian Bobtail Squid and a tiny incandescent bacteria that lights up at night. As her team of scientists dove deeper [...]

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Food Cravings: Can bacteria control your brain?

Food Cravings Some new science is suggesting that your food cravings could be influenced by forces other than YOU. No way you say? Consider this. You're actually more microbe than human. Yep, 10 to 1 your [...]