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  • chard polenta tamales

Chard Polenta Tamales

Chard Polenta Tamales These little packets of delight remind me of Totoro's acorn packets from Hayao Miyazaki's animated film, My Neighbor Totoro.  Treat those you love with this glutenfree vegetarian goodness for dinner. Ingredients [...]

  • grated apple breakfast

Grated Apple Breakfast

Grated Apple Breakfast Don't let the flax seeds scare you. This breakfast is not only delicious but quick to throw together and will sustain your energy til lunchtime. Your tastebuds will love how creamy [...]

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Feeling Good

  • Leaky Gut Heart Problems

Leaky Gut and Heart Problems

Leaky Gut and Heart Problems How does Leaky Gut create heart problems? It's been a long held belief that a little bit of wine is good for the body, but a significant study in 2014 says [...]

  • Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels

Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels

How Leaky Gut Lowers Testosterone Levels Q&A:  I've had symptoms of pounding heart, fatigue and low testosterone for about a year after a strong course of antibiotics. After a parasite test, we detected Blasto and [...]

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From The Heart

  • Power of Words

Power of Words (declarations for the New Year)

The Power of Words Today I want to unpack just one little drawer in the field of psychoneuroimmunology, on the power of words we choose. It's how to influence the energy you step into and [...]

  • emotional release therapy tool

Emotional Release Therapy (Visualization)

Emotional Release Therapy Visualization If I claimed there was a single, simple tool, a kind of emotional release therapy that calms a troubled heart, releases unwanted emotions, unplugs an anxious mind, relieves physical pain, removes [...]

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